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Robert G. Rose is a social & television entrepreneur whose focus is on developing business models that target underserved audiences while producing socially conscious content. Since 2000, Rose has produced 300+ episodes of television & negotiated partnerships with major marketers such as General Motors, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, State Farm, Verizon Wireless & dozens more. 

Rose’s love of travel surfaced when he moved from his native Tennessee to New York City & went to work for Univision, the nation’s largest Spanish-language TV network. It was there that Rose met people from exotic locales such as Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador & even the Bronx.

It was also at Univision that Rose’s entrepreneurial spirit revealed itself. Rose recognized through his own interactions with young Latinos as well as research, that the “larger half” of the Latino market, U.S. born American Latinos, were under-served in both Spanish & English language TV. Rose combined his new found knowledge of the U.S. Hispanic market with his knowledge of TV & began developing a new business model targeted to the U.S. born Latino marketplace in English language media.

With ideas in his head but little money in the bank, in 2000 Rose left the safety of the corporate work world & struck out on his own to begin Artist & Idea Management (AKA: AIM Tell-A-Vision Group®) with a goal of producing TV in English for, from & about American Latinos. Rose formed “American Latino Syndication” on a shoestring & from 2001 through 2008 independently produced hundreds of episodes of the pioneering, nationally syndicated TV shows (“American Latino TV” & “LatiNation”).  

The award winning shows attract 100+ affiliates, millions in sponsorship dollars & tens of millions of viewers over the years. Rose went on to receive national recognition as an expert in Hispanic media & marketing. Fulfilled but exhausted & craving the opportunity to indulge his growing love of travel & curious to learn more about the world around him, Rose negotiated the acquisition of American Latino Syndication to LATV Networks in 2008 & began pursuing his passion of world-travel full time.

Rose’s travels produced life changing experiences that inspired him to develop what he felt was missing from television. He wanted to showcase travel that did not revolve around high end luxury or focus on food, but authentic cultural experiences in a socially aware context that most people could actually afford.  

Rose reconnected with a small team of trusted associates from his “American Latino” days & they collaborated to produce Raw Travel®, a fast paced, “rock-n-roll” type of adventure-travel with a conscience show. The show showcases off-the-beaten path travel through sustainable travel (eco-tourism) & giving back (volun-tourism). “Raw Travel” premiered in October 2013 in cities all over the U.S. as well as territories worldwide via its international distribution partner “Off the Fence”.   

When not working on Raw Travel, Rose reads voraciously, volunteers, blogs and runs his digital record label, “Punk Outlaw Records”. He is often featured as a speaker or panelist at various media & marketing industry conferences and Rose has been extensively quoted in both the trade & consumer press.  He is also a published writer & member of numerous television, film & travel organizations.


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